Shot of the Day-ST Dominic’s Catholic Church

This Church is located in San Fransisco CA. 5 exposures, processed with Photomatix, post edit Aperture 3.

ST Dominic's Catholic Church

  • Nancy says:

    What a beautiful Church it sort of looks like the same that the prince William and his wife Nicole got married in yours is too big to be called a church its a Cathredal, right? ILL have to try and remember St. Dominic Catholic Church. Nancy

  • edinchavez says:

    Thank you Nanci :)

  • Jakobus Dominikus Fernandez Odjan says:

    very excited

  • Stephen Bolin says:

    Well… technically the word Cathedral means “seat of the Bishop,” so no, Cathedral is not just a fancy name for a big church. But this picture and this church knows what’s going on in the heavenly drama at mass. This picture is freaking awesome!