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I shot this in Cuba at Plaza de la Revolución. I was hanging out when out of the corner of my eye this beautiful girl appeared. I quickly ran over there and took a couple shots, she had no idea I was there but to me the moment was perfect.

I learned a long time ago that when you see a photo, take it. If you do not, it will hunt you for the rest of time, believe me…

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Tobacco Factory in Cuba

On my recent workshop in Cuba I took the group to this incredible Tobacco factory. There are 600 workers and most are women, they told us its because they are better organized and make a better work environment, I must agree. Each worker makes around 150-160 cigars per shift per day, let me tell you that is a lot of cigars being made by hand.

I sat there and watched the entire process and I now understand why cigars are so expensive. The care and patience that goes into making these one by one is remarkable.

We had to leave our cameras and bags behind, but I was able to take a few photos with my phone. The quality of the photos is not great but you can see and get an idea of the kind of work that goes on here.

It will make you appreciate your next cigar.

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Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym, Havana

Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym in Havana is one of the most famous boxing gyms in the world. A lot of gold medalists have came out of this particular gym. I have herd stories about this place since I was a kid, it was great finally getting to see it in person and actually getting to talk to some of the boxers.

I spoke to lots of them and their passion and devotion for the sport is contagious. At one point I wanted to put on some gloves and start training.

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Talking to the Locals

As I walked the streets I met loads of people, but this lady was particularly special. I asked her if I could take her picture and she said “of-course”. She then asked me where I was from and what I was doing, sending me off with lots of great wishes thanking me for taking her photograph.

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The most Photographed face in Havana

Im sure you have seen her many times on pictures all over the internet. She is amazing and is one of the most photographed people in Havana. I finally found her and got a chance to take her picture. She is extremely photogenic.

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El Capitolio

Here is one of the National Capitol Building in Havana Cuba. In Spanish is called El Capitolio. It is large in scale and beautiful to the eye. On this particular photo you can see it at the very back. First you see the Inglaterra Hotel, then the Gran Theater, then El Capitolio.

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