Stuck in Cuba Day 1

One of the funnest trips to Cuba yet. Some friends and I went down to Cuba to take some photos and have some fun. It was epic, to say the least. We worked our butts off, but we also played a bit after the shoots.

We stayed in this really cool apartment in the middle of Old Havana, in the heart of it all.

It was fun taking friends down there and just cutting loose, exploring and taking some epic photos. You can see a schedule of my upcoming Cuba workshops here.

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Epic adventures in Cuba

It all started with an idea, an idea proposed to me by one of my friends. He asked me if I wanted to go to Cuba with a couple models, 2 clothing lines and a jewelry line. Like everything in my life, I said yes. I mean why would I say no to such an awesome idea?

Fast forward, I am back and I just got done publishing the vlogs from the trip. I am working on the images as we speak. For now here is the last image I shot from the trip. I was about tho get into the taxi as the sun was rising. As I took my lens cap off, I noticed that my lens was all fogged up, instead of panicking I took this picture, the fog in the lens from the air conditioning actually made the image look that much cooler.

Stay tuned for the model images to come.

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Music to the ears

I was wrapping up a photo walk in Havana Cuba and we started heading to the car when all the sudden we saw this beautiful girl playing in the wind. She was actually filing a video and didn’t mind me snapping a few flicks of her. She looked so beautiful in the light with the wind blowing through her hair. I was spaceless…

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Cuban Sunset

Here is an incredible sunset I shot at El Malecon in Havana Cuba the last time I was there. I love Cuba so much, it is such a beautiful place full of culture and beautiful sites to see. I have a workshop coming up in September and it is almost full. Come join me in this epic journey.

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El Malecon

Here is one of my favorite photos of El Malecon in Havana Cuba. The winds were crazy making this insane waves crash onto the street. I had to time it precisely so I could get this particular shot. It was a bit tough since it was so windy where I was at and it kept moving my trypod and lens. Here is the location where this was shot from.

Camera settings: 1/100 sec F3.5 ISO 100 70-200mm

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