How to edit a night cityscape in Lightroom

How to edit a night cityscape in Lightroom

In this video I will show you how I edit this awesome cityscape in Lightroom. I shot this from a rooftop and it was epic. The weather was perfect, the sky was nice, the moon was amazing… It was just perfect. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Chanel for new daily videos.


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Find Your Beach

Find Your Beach

Here is a shot of this Corona can with the Miami Skyline behind it. I wanted to create the feel of the lifestyle in Miami. I placed my camera on the floor about one foot away from the can and started doing 15 second exposures. I used a small LED light to light the can for about 5 seconds from about 15 feet away. I used the distance to diffuse the light a bit. I wanted to give it some shallow depth of field but I wanted the viewer to know it was the Miami skyline so I shot it at f11.

Camera settings: 15 seconds f11 ISO 100 24-70mm lens

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Sunset in Cuba

Sunset in Cuba

As the sun started to set the city was lit by the sun. It became magical like looking at an amazing ending to a movie. This city is so beautiful, the architecture, the streets, but most importantly the people, they are so loving and inviting.

I cant wait to be back in this beautiful country, and meet up with my friends.

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Moon over Miami

Moon over Miami

This is a really cool photo. It was a sunrise, Miami looked erie, and quite gray, but the moon looked amazing. Lucky for me I had my 70-200mm lens. I quickly pulled it out and took a few shots of this awesome scene. I couldn’t believe how big the moon was, so I sat there and admired it for a while before I headed back home with a fat grin on my face. Once I got home, I really couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed, lucky for me I have a photo of it that always take me back to that day.

Camera settings: 1/100 f2.8 ISO 100 shot at 200mm

Moon Over Miami

Walking the Streets of London

Walking the Streets of London

I love London and this particular trip there was no different. I went the by my self for two days. I was actually on my way to Malta and a few other Countries but I had to stop in this incredible city. It was really cold and rainy the entire time I was there. Even though the conditions were not the best to shoot, I still made it happen.

I have learned that sometimes you have to work with the weather and really challenge your self to take interesting photos. In this particular case I had to work with lots of rain and beautiful clouds. I quickly realized that long exposures were on my side.

I shot most of these long exposures in bulb mode and some where over 2 minutes in length. Overall I really like the results. These are my favorites from that particular trip. You can see them on my Shop Gallery on this link.