Brickell Reflections

Brickell Reflections

I shot this photo from Brickell Key, and let me tell you, I always get kicked out of there for taking pictures. Whats with you people?? I hate getting kicked out of places for taking pictures, why is this place so exclusive, don’t pretend you do not enjoy looking at photos on the internet. Its so frustrating. I know you want me to buy your photography permit so you can make a few bucks off of me, but I mean really I can’t take pictures form your island??

The security guard told me I could take pictures with my phone just not my camera. So you rather have crappy pictures of this place instead of good ones??? Makes no sense.

Anyhow, I always manage to take pictures before I get kicked out, but it never fails…. At this point it has become a game.

Brickell reflections

Crazy Sky and Crazy Colors

Crazy Sky and Crazy Colors

Here is an insane sunset. I shot this form Miami Beach, from 5th street to be exact. I was hoping for a good sunset but instead I got a crazy one. The colors were insane, the sky was on fire and it just kept getting better and better. We had about 45 minutes of greatness, it was perfect.

Sometimes I’m lucky to get 2 minutes of color, and sometimes you get non stop action into the night.




Blue Diamond Miami Beach

Blue Diamond Miami Beach

The Blue and Green Diamond in Miami Beach is a huge staple in this beautiful beach front skyline. You can see the towers from miles away and they never disappoint. This is such a nice part of Miami Beach, the beach is amazing and in the other side you have the canals so you can paddle board, row, or just be out on the water on a boat.

I come here often to hang out, relax, and of course take pictures. There aren’t a lot of tourists in this part of the beach and that makes it appealing to most locals, its a place where you can come for a sunset and a go home with a grin on your face.










Allens Drugs

Allens Drugs

One of the coolest signs and drugstores fronts I have ever seen. This is Allens Drugs. It is located on Bird street in Miami Florida. Every time I drive by it I want to shoot it. Well it is a very busy intersection and the time is never really idea, but this day it was. I had a red light and I jumped out of my car to get a couple shots. I’m very happy I did because this store has been taken down. Someone purchased the property to build and this beautiful vintage icon is no longer there. Its sad to see building being torn down left and right only to build new ones. The old has character and beauty, new ones are just that new, they have lots to learn and lots to see.



BAP Union Night Pictures

BAP Union Night Pictures

Yesterday I posted my aerial photos of the BAP Union ship, they are super cool, but these are my favorite. I love shit shots, I had to go around to the other side to ge the other 2 photos, even though I wanted to go home, I stayed and got what I think are some great photos.

These are all shot at different settings, I wanted to get the starburst effect on the lights on the ship and good movement on the clouds.

What one is your favorite out of the 3?

Settings: 30 seconds f22 ISO 100

Settings: 58 seconds f22 ISO 100


Settings: 78 seconds f22 ISO 100


Hotel Inglaterra Havana Cuba

Hotel Inglaterra Havana Cuba

This is one of the coolest paces to check out in Havana. It’s a really cool old hotel but not only that, there is a really cool bar on the roof complete with live music and really cheap beer.

Now if you look at this picture close this is not the actual hotel, it is only the sign, this is the building next to it, but you get the idea.

I really liked it here, the roof top overlooks the Parque Central and it is amazing.

Nothing beats live music, cold beer, and an amazing view specially in Havana.