Everglades Photography Workshop

Cost $325

Come explore one of South Florida’s most incredible, picturesque places, The Everglades National Park. You will be guided by yours truly and my team.

You will get a chance to photograph the area like you have never seen it before. Escaping to my favorite places to photograph nature, landscapes and wildlife. Ending this incredible tour by catching an amazing sunset from my secret spot in all of The Everglades.

This 8 hour workshop is designed to master your photography skills and also to awaken your creative process. This entire workshop is hands on and I will be with you every step of the way covering composition, camera settings, chasing the light, and much more. You will see, and photograph the Everglades like never before.



11:00am – 11:20am – Meet and Greet at Ernest Coe Visitor Center where you can meet everyone and get to know each other. You can also take this opportunity to carpool with the other photographers.

11:00pm – 1:00pm Shoot Anhinga Trail Great for wild life photos.

1:00pm – 2:00pm Surprise spot

2:00pm – 3:00pm Shoot West Lake View

3:00pm – 4:00pm Lunch (not included in workshop fee please bring your own)

4:00pm – 6:00pm Shoot Edin’s secret spot for sunset

Payment schedule:

There are only 6 spots and we will sell out. Please scroll down to sign up.

The fee for the workshop is $325 Per person.

The tuition is due up front and there are no refunds.


What is NOT included:

Entry to the park ($20.00 per vehicle), meals, travel and local transportation to shooting locations are not included. Please bring your own lunch and plenty of water. Space is limited.

A follow-up email with schedule details, recommended gear and a liability release will be sent to registered photographers.

What IS included:
An incredible, unforgettable experience, full of adventure with amazing people and loads of great photos!!!

What you need to bring:
A camera, a tripod, a wide angle lens (preferably) its ok if you do not have one. A zoom lens (kit lenses are ok). Most importantly a great attitude.

Click here to see behind the scene photos.

Everglades (690 of 690)


Where to meet:

Meet at this exact location in the parking lot. You can not miss me. Call me if you need to my my phone works there.

Please get there on time, we will not wait as we have tight schedule to keep to see it all and it is not fair to the rest of the group.

If you are late please drive to the Anhinga Trail and look for us there. We usually spend about 2 hrs there (its not hard just walk arund the trail and you will find us).  Phones do not work past the entrance gates, so I will be out of reach.



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  • Margaret says:

    What a great way to spend an afternoon in South Florida!! Edin and his team are quick to engage and help capture the best images possible to create a memory of a very special place. Don’t miss it.

  • Edin Chavez says:

    Thank you Margaret, Im glad you had a good time. We had an amazing time hanging out with you.

  • Ricky Arnesen says:

    If you like Nature photography… Then I strongly recommend this workshop… Edin and Jaci are great photographers and tutors… they know all the great spots in the Everglades… they’re hands-on with spots to photograph… This workshop is for everyone, from amateurs to professionals.. I’ve learned a great deal… Thank you both,can’t wait for the next workshop…

  • Jim Cole says:

    This was a very enjoyable workshop and I left with many great images of the Everglades. The workshop included opportunities to photograph a variety of images including wildlife, flora, and amazing landscapes. Edin and Jaci were always willing to assist and share their experience and knowledge with us…plus they are just fun people to be around!

  • Jose says:

    Edin, thank you very much for a great workshop and day at the Everglades National Park. I learned a lot and challenged myself to photograph in full manual mode, your instructions were spot on!

    • Edin Chavez says:

      You are very welcome Jose, thank you for coming out, it was great having out out there. I’m glad you are getting into full manual mode, your photos look awesome!! Keep up the great work.

  • Trevor says:

    I had a great day with Edin, i have done courses before, this is the first time i can say i got to understand how my camera works, he is great teacher explains things that makes learning simple, and a great person, i will do more courses with Edin, i found my mentor i highly recommend learning with Edin

  • Michael Eschbach says:

    Awesome workshop Edin. Your simple to understand explanation of camera settings, composition and the Florida everglades was very enjoyable. You made the group feel relaxed and made the day fly bye, just running to all your favorite spots to take photographs. You even have the owls trained to get there picture taken when we got to them.. Great day, great pictures and at the end of the day made some friends. Thanks Edin, see you soon. Keep up the good work, you rock