Santa Cruz Coast

I love Santa Cruz California, in fact ever time I come to California I make it a point to visit this amazing place. The Santa Cruz Vibes are just awesome, I want to live there at some point in my life, but then again, where do I not want to live…

I need 10 lifetimes to live everywhere in the world, at least for a day in each place…

Santa Cruz California

Selfie At Yosemite

I really dislike selfies, specially of my self. This one I’m ok with, I shot this a long time ago at Yosemite National Park before a long night of shooting the stars. I was up there watching the sky all night freezing my butt off. It was an amazing night to say the least. I remember being so scared of bears, at one point I had to walk back to my car to get a something and I was so panicked its funny now that I look back at it. This was by far one of the coolest nights of my life. I shot it from a tripod shorty before the sun rose.


Street Ball

Here is one of my favorite street pictures. I was in Venice Beach California when I heard all kinds of screaming, so I ran over to the BasketBall court and started taking pics of this guys.

The passion for the game this guys had was crazy, and just when it looked like they were going to get into a fight, they would just play it off. It was a battle out there.  I specially like the contrast and tones.

venice beach basket ball players play ball

venice beach basket ball players play ball

Santa Monica California Pier

One of my favorite places to hang out in California. The Santa Monica Pier. I actually want to move here eventually. This place is really awesome. The vibes are good and the crisp ocean air is truly amazing. I really enjoy watching the California sunsets from here, they are always epic. This particular day, it was cloudy and a bit cold but it was really good being out there. I miss it… I’m long overdue for a California trip.




Venice Beach California Skate Park Shot From A Kite

Venice Beach California, one of the coolest places in the world. I actually shot this photo about 4 years ago and I shot it from a kite. Yes a kite. Before drones were easily available and affordable there were kites, and believe it or not I used to do lots of kite photography.

Those days were awesome, setting up a kite and this crazy rig to go on the kite where your camera would attach to, it was scarry to say the least but lots of fun. It is fully controllable from a remote control except you can’t see the what you are shooting, its kind of a guessing game.

I have really been into this aerial photography thing for a while, its so cool seeing the world from above.

Venice Beach SkatePark-1

Sugar Bowl California

I spent lots of time snowboarding this mountains when I lived in Reno Nevada. It’s always great coming back and spending some quiet quality time up here. I love the peaceful silence the snow brings, followed by a smile going down the mountain.

This is one of those hidden jewels where you will find mostly locals. It’s never overcrowded and always loads of fun. Edited with one of my landscape presets.





Edited with one of my landscape presets.