Huntington Beach Pier

Here is a pic of the Huntington Beach Pier shot with my Mavic. It was my second to last day there and there was a crazy storm. I did manage to get the drone up and get some footage and some pics before the weather got really bad.

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Sunset Cliffs San Diego

California was just awesome, it was so much fun. I went from San Diego to Santa Monica and back. This is how my trip ended. I shot this at sunset cliffs in San Diego California the last day I was there. In fact I went to the airport right after to catch a red eye back home.

Settings: 1/15 sec F20 ISO 50

Sunset Cliffs 80 of 203 1

Here is the BTS video:

Lombard Street

Here is a picture of the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco California. I shot this on my way to the airport and I was a bit in a rush, it was cold and windy but I was determined to get the shot. I had my camera positioned in such a way that it kept falling off. Finally after trying this shot for about 30 minutes waiting for cars to come and my camera to stop falling I feel I got the shot. I wanted to create a sense of movement thats why getting the cars in the shot was important. The lights show movement and also helps to identify Lombard street a bit better.


Surfing USA

Whats the perfect way to end a night? Well, for me it was shooting the sunset, for this two guys it was leaving the surfboards on the sand and going for a quick dip to release their inner child. It was loads of fun to watch and better yet to be a part of…

You can’t see the surfers as this was a long exposure. The reason I did the shot at F22 was to get the startburst effect on the lights.

Camera settings:
8 seconds F22 ISO 320


Street Portraits

This is one of my favorite street portraits I have ever taken in my life. I shot this at Outside Lands a music festival in San Francisco California. Well I was sitting there waiting for a band to come onstage, I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of people, when I turned around this couple was hanging out and it happened so fast but he went in for a kiss, that’s when I picked up my camera and snapped this photo. It’s so in the moment and the timing could not be more perfect. I love the story the photo tells.

Camera settings:
1/800 sec F4.5 ISO 1000