Best Photo Locations Lake Tahoe Has For Any Photographer

Where are the best places to photograph Lake Tahoe? I have created the best photo locations Lake Tahoe has to offer the guide. In this article, I will show you the best photo locations in Lake Tahoe and tell you the best possible times to shoot.

Lake Tahoe is a massive freshwater lake sitting on California and Nevada’s state line. It basically splits right down the middle. Sitting at 6,225 above sea level and it is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range.  You can imagine the epic views to be had from this magical place.

Best Photo Locations Lake Tahoe Edition

Best places to take wedding photos in lake tahoe

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The gear I used for all my photos: Nikon with a Nikon 14-24mm and a Nikon 24-85mm.  A MeFOTO tripod and a wide-angle is a must. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets, download them, and give them a try.

Best locations to photograph in lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe Photography Location Guide

1. Sand Harbor.  This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lake Tahoe. In the summer is full of tourist early in the day; however, as the sun starts to vanish, so does everyone else. Make sure you walk around as there are endless spots to shoot in Sand Harbor. The best time to shoot is Sunset.

Best places to photograph in lake tahoe

Best places to photograph in Lake Tahoe

2. The Rocks at Sand Harbor. As you make your way around Sand Harbor, remember to look back towards the beach. The best shots are not always directly in the direction of the Sunset.

Best Photo Locations Lake Tahoe Rocks

3. Sand Point.  This is on the other side of Sand Harbor. As you make your way around this beautiful place, you will find a photo op in just about every corner. The best place to shoot is at Sunset.

Best Photo Locations Lake Tahoe sand pointe

Best places to shoot in Lake tahoe

4. East Shore. Lake Tahoe’s East shore is full of epic beaches and beautiful rock formations. I like to shoot the East Shore during Sunset as all the rock formations and beaches are beautifully lit by the golden light.

Best places to photograph in lake tahoe East shore

5. Bonsai Rock. Bonsai Rock is one of the most beautiful locations to shot the Sunset in Lake Tahoe. In fact, it is my favorite location. It can be a bit difficult to find, but once you are there, your jaw will drop. The best time to shoot is at Sunset. Here is the exact location.

Best places to shoot in lake tahoe bonsai rock

6. Cave Rock. With 360 degree views of Lake Tahoe, this place is hard to beat. Park on the street and take a small hike up the rocks. You will love it. The best time to shoot is Sunset. I shot this during the day with my Nikon 70-200 zoomed it at 200.

Best places to photograph lake tahoe

7. Emerald Bay. On the other side of Lake Tahoe, you will find Everal Bay. It was stunning views and energy you have to experience. The best time to shoot is the sunrise.

Zepher cove Lake tahoe at sunrise

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8. Eagle Falls. Sitting on top of Emerald Bay Eagle falls is a must. Get here early to scout the area and set up. Be careful as the rocks are very slippery, and you can fall down the waterfalls.

Best places to shoot in lake tahoe eagle falls

9. Vikingsholm. As you shoot Emerald Bay, you have to take the trail called Rubicon Trailhead. This trail will lead you directly to Vikingsholm. Here you can take epic shots of the beach and the pier. The best time to shoot is during sunrise.

Best places to photograph lake tahoe

10. Fannette Island. Wher is Fannette Island you are asking? Well, Fannette Island is that small island you can see from the top of Emerald Bay. It is a cool little island you must shoot while you are there.

Vikingsholm lake tahoe best places to photograph Lake tahoe photography location maps

11. Eagle Point Treeline. Located right outside Eagle Point campground, turn left or right to get these epic views. The best time to shoot is anytime.

Best Photo Locations Lake Tahoe Eagle point Campground

12. Rubicon Bay.  You can find lots of piers in this beautiful bay. The best time to shoot is during the sunrise or Sunset. You can stop along the side of the road and just enjoy the scenery. I shot these during a very cold morning.

Best Photo Locations Lake Tahoe Rubicon Bay PIer

There you have it. The Best Photo Locations Lake Tahoe has to offer. I hope you can make it to some of these locations and enjoy it as much as I always do. Please leave me a comment if this was helpful in any way. That is the best way to say thank you.

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  • Bob says:

    Very nice, Edin. I doubt I’ll make it back out there is this lifetime of mine, but will share it with some buddies of mine that might get out there.

  • vu tran says:

    Beautiful photos and great directions. I should have done the same things to those locations that I have visited over the years. Great “Service To Others” act. Will earn you a great deal of really Positive Karma. Will try those locations next week, from 09/10 to 09/14/18 and let you know. Really appreciated. Vu

  • Lance Huntress says:

    Thank you for the precise locations! I look forward to visiting those spots when I visit. Thanks for the presets on offer too.

  • Alessandro says:

    WOW Edin this is epic, thanks for sharing your knowledge. With such a tight schedule visiting Tahoe these tips will help my visual cause. much appreciated

  • Mike says:

    Is there access 24/7 or just when Park is open?

  • Kim says:

    Thank You Great Intel on Bonsai To k area😎

  • Stephen Riave says:

    Hello Edwin, outstanding work! My family and I are heading to Tahoe early Thursday morning.Your blog entry and photographs are most helpful.

    Thank you,


  • Wayne March says:

    How much of this can be covered in 2 1/2 days.

  • Casey says:

    Beautiful shots and recommendations! Going there in a few weeks for the first time, and am very new to landscape photography. You have helped take some of the guess work out of where I should go in the very limited time I have there to shoot some photos. Thanks!!

  • Vicki Jauron says:

    Thank you for sharing these locations and your beautiful images. I will be visiting S. Lake Tahoe (and family) in late October. I am really looking for some guidance on wildlife photography and locations as that is my current obsession. Do you have any insight there or know someone I can reach out to? I’m not bringing much up through online searching. Thanks! Vicki

    • edin chavez says:

      Hi Vicki, it’s my pleasure. I do not know anyone out there that can point you in the right direction, unfortunately, however with some luck, you can get some birds from Emerald Bay, the views there are stunning :)

  • Dinesh Anblazahan says:

    Excellent.. thanks a lot

  • Larisa says:

    Great shots! Thank you for the helpful tips. Is it easy getting to Bonsai Rock? If so, how can I find it? Thanks in advance.

  • KDHarmon says:

    Excellent work. Love the Island Pic!

  • Mauricio Almay says:

    your recommendations are excellent, the hard part for me now it’s to decide which spot I need to be at Sunrise … so many great ones.

  • Joseph says:

    Thanks Edin, definitely enjoyed this! any recommendations for maternity photos? going up there this Sunday 12/20/20 the bridge looks good to shoot. I am going in the morning so sun rise time, is there any spaces there that you recommend for morning shoot possible even before high noon

  • says:

    which are the best months to photograph lake Tahoe? (not in the winter)