The Beauty of Lake Tahoe

Every time I come to Reno I try to go to Lake Tahoe, its not a far drive but sometimes I get lazy and end up not going. Let me tell you, every time I do make it up there it never disappoints.

I shot this yesterday at sunset, right before the sun came out the sky was flat and the sun was hiding behind the clouds I walked around for a while before coming back to this location, (one of my favorite spots in Lake Tahoe) when I came back I was greeted by the light. I was so happy :)

I grew up in this rocks, I have stories for days from getting drunk with best friends, to taking a girl to the hospital for going off a rope swing and missing the water and landing on the rocks, we must of been 17-18 it was crazy and not pretty, another one of my friends dove in to the lake from a high rock and split his head open and my bff also asked his beautiful wife to marry him here so its a special spot for me. (I could have a blog just writing personal stories of the epic rocks)

This is at Sand Harbor in the Nevada side of the lake, google it and you should have no problem finding it, its a touristy spot but when the sun starts going down the people slowly start to disappear. Usually there will be a few photographers left and an epic sunset…If you walk north on the road for about a quarter mile you will find another set rocks and there is never anyone there, its a bit hidden but the climb is worth it, thats where most of my stores come from. Off to San Francisco :)

Camera settings: 1/100 of a second F16 ISO 500 14-24mm lens hand held.