Lady Liberty

I am currently packing to head out to lead my NYC Photography Workshop, I am scheduling a couple posts because I will be so busy in NYC I probably wont have time to do anything except take pictures. Hey nothing wrong with that. By the time I get back this will just be posting.

I shot this las January on a very, very cold day. It was awesome because I was with some great friends and have some really nice memories. I remember we were walking all day and it did not end here, we still managed to cross the Brooklyn bridge after. Let me just say everyone was hungry, cold and ready for bed after. (I can’t believe its almost been a year already)

This is the statue of Liberty in NYC. I shot it with a 70-200 Here are my settings:

1/160 F18 ISO 100


Ocean Drive Dressed in Colors

I love riding my bike here, its always full of life and energy. No matter what time of day you come to Ocean Dr. it is always jumping. I have a night workshop here and it is so much fun. People always leave with a massive grin on their face.

I love getting new perspectives of places, its just one way how drone photography is changing and has changed the world. It is incredible to see how far technology has come, and exiting to see where it is going.




Miami Reflections

Here is a shot I took of the amazing Miami skyline form a new angle. This skyline has to be one of the most beautiful in the country, it has all the elements, tall buildings, beautiful sky, water, and some insane boats.

I love shooting around here, you would think that after 7 years I would be over it, but I’m really not, its forever challenging and beautiful.

How I keep things interesting is by going around new places trying to find new perspectives.

Camera settings: 30 seconds F18 ISO 100


The Dutch Miami Beach

This is the Dutch in Miami Beach at the W, a great restaurant full of great food and awesome drinks. I have done lots of work for them but these are my favorite photos.

I actually shot these one day on my way to eat, and I decided to take some snaps since the place had just opened and it was completely clean, organized and empty.

I remember we were having breakfast and we had a competition of who could take the best cellphone photo of our food, there were 4 of us and we asked the waiter to judge. We made sure and set the phones down on the table and mixed them up before he came. He made the decision and picked me :) Good times!!! Scroll to the bottom to see the winning photo.






Ocean Drive Iconic Aerial Photographs

I shot these a long time ago, by that I mean about 2 years ago. Ocean Dr. is such an icon. This place is full of life, tourists and locals alike and any day of the week this place is jammed packed.

There are so many photos of this place from people all over the world, including some of mine. This time I wanted to get something different, something nobody has ever seen before. Thats when I shot these. They have become very popular and I love when people ask about these images.





Blue Diamond Miami Beach

The Blue and Green Diamond in Miami Beach is a huge staple in this beautiful beach front skyline. You can see the towers from miles away and they never disappoint. This is such a nice part of Miami Beach, the beach is amazing and in the other side you have the canals so you can paddle board, row, or just be out on the water on a boat.

I come here often to hang out, relax, and of course take pictures. There aren’t a lot of tourists in this part of the beach and that makes it appealing to most locals, its a place where you can come for a sunset and a go home with a grin on your face.