Wildlife Photography How To Take Better Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Photography. When you see those incredible wildlife photos in a magazine, you can’t help to ask yourself how do they do that? The photos look so crisp and good that you just want to pick up your camera and go out there and shoot. Even if it’s your dog out in the yard, you want to take that perfect photo.

I spent some time out at the Everglades last week. I wanted to shoot some birds along with some gators and other wildlife. It was so incredible out there, I felt I was part of the Everglades and felt right at home. Photographing birds and wildlife can be extremely soothing. Not only birds but wildlife in general. Being out in nature is a perfect way to release stress and just get lost. This is why I created this video on how to shoot wildlife photos.

Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

While I was out there I made a video to show you how I shoot wildlife. In this video, you will see what I do to get the right shot. It is not as complicated as you might think, however, there are things that you need to know like what are the best lenses to use, what is the best Aperture, and shutter speed, and what to look for while you are out there.  This is my favorite lens for wildlife photography.

In this video, I break all these things down and show you exactly how I shoot these beautiful birds. These tips and tricks can be applied to photographing any wildlife, from birds to any kind of animal out there. The Everglades National Park has incredible species of birds, its a perfect place to photograph wildlife.

How to take better wildlife photos

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All these photos are from that day. What’s your favorite one? Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments below.

White Ibis at the Everglades

Here is a flock of White Ibis flying through the amazing Everglades landscape. I really love this place is full of life and incredible birds. It is truly fascinating watching the birds in flocks all around you. I love doing this workshops and taking people to this incredible places. Every time I come out to the Everglades I see something new.

White Ibis

White Ibis

The Great Egret

Here is a shot of the Great Egret hunting for food. I love this bird, it is so incredibly beautiful, I can sit here and watch them all day. There are lots of this birds at the Everglades, they are one of my favorite, specially when they take flight.

I will do a full post with my best photos of the Great Egret.


iPhone shot

Meet Chula, she is awesome, but this post is not about her, its about the shot. I will do a separate post on her later.

I shot this with my iPhone 6 at the park, I was trying to make the photo interesting so I got down to her level and included this flowers on the foreground. Look at that depth of field, not bad for an iPhone right? It just goes to show you how you can take decent photos now matter what camera you are using.

The camera is just a tool, a device to tell your story, so don’t get cough up on all the technical mumbo jumbo and just go out there and shoot.


The American Bald Eagle

The bald eagle, our national bird, is the only eagle unique to North America. When I got the chance to photograph this incredible bird I was so exited, specially since there was a baby in the nest.

I stood in the sun without any shade for 3.5 hrs waiting for the mom to return to the nest, I figured she went to get food for the baby. I was in the verge of calling it quits thinking the eagle was not coming back any time soon, but then she appeared. (I would never quit, but I was hot and my legs were getting tired)

She had some kind of rodent and killed it in the nest before feeding it to the baby, it was really cool to watch. I feel very luky and honored to have have witnesed and photographed this incredible bird.

Camera settings:
600mm lens 1/320 F6.3 ISO 500

Bald eagle (123 of 347)

Bald eagle (167 of 347)

Bald eagle (290 of 347)

Bald eagle (249 of 347)

Bald eagle (169 of 347)

Bald eagle (320 of 347)