Abandoned Greece 2004 Summer Olympics Athens

How can you forget about the 2004 Summer Olympics. I mean it has been a massive deal for a very long time. I have heard about this place for years now, and I have always wanted to visit. When I visited Athens I finally had the opportunity to check it out. Designed by one of my favorite architects Santiago Calatrava.

It was not until my last day in Athens that I made a trip down there. Actually I was on the way to the airport when I made a pit stop to see and photograph this place. I didn’t have time to visit all the other spots such as the Baseball stadium, Tennis courts and other swimming pools, but I did cover quite a bit of ground. I tried to go into the main stadium but unfortunately could not get in.

When you first get off the train, you get this really weird feeling, its quiet and somber. Walking in I could imagine the crowds of people rushing through the gates to see their country compete. It was just imagining, because the place is a ghost town.

At first view the place does not look that bad, but as you start exploring deeper and deeper you can see how the place was left to decay. I went into some rooms that were really destroyed, super creepy specially since this particular day was overcast and cold.

Recently the Greek government has stepped in and started slowly fixing it up and using it again. Talking to some locals they were very happy about the changes. Unfortunately you can still see and feel the emptiness of this place.

Do you have any memories of this place? Did you attend any of the games? Did you experience its rise and fall? I would love to hear some stories about this incredible place. If you have any please leave them on the comments below.

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution


PART 1  To see part 2 click here.

This is the Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution. Otherwise known as the woman’s correctional institution of Broward County in Florida.

This place closed down in 2012 since then it sits there quietly slowly dying away.

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

I have been to many many many abandoned places but the abandoned Broward Correctional Institution one was special and the weirdest one I have ever been to. This place has running water and electricity, it does!!! I’m not even joking. As you make your way through the prison you can switch on the lights and hear the AC units on, it’s the weirdest thing and it takes creepiness to a whole different level.

We went into every cell block and every room in this place. In fact, we even played basketball in the yard, there was a volleyball fully inflated sitting there, so I started shooting some hoops. It was strange.

There is paperwork all over this place, love letters in some cells and all kinds of weird stuff that are still fully functional. I suppose the inmates got lucky because all their paperwork got lost behind. The abandoned Broward Correctional Institution is one of the eeriest places I have ever been to.

About the prison:

The Broward Correctional Institution (BCI) was a correctional facility located in the former Country Estates CDP and in Southwest Ranches, Florida, operated by the Florida Department of Corrections.

The facility was opened in 1977 to house a male inmate population. However, in its history, the prison has had only female inmates. It housed female death row inmates until February 2003 when the female death row was moved to Lowell Annex. The Broward Correctional Institution served as a reception center for female inmates. As of 2011, a staff of approximately 272 individuals serviced the facility. As of 2012 624 prisoners, all female were housed there. The facility was closed in 2012. The closure was scheduled for May 1 of that year. The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel said, “BCI was determined to have a relatively low population and a high per diem inmate cost of $111.48.” ($116.87 when adjusted for inflation)” Wikipedia

I shot lots of pics including some aerials. Scroll down to go throughout them, leave me a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts on this. If you served time here, please leave your story. This is a great place to connect with others.





Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution Miami Florida

Abandoned Woman's prison Florida



Abandoned Prison in usa

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution abandoned prison, miami abandoned prison



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Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium

Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium:
During the course of a month and a half visited this place to get enough footage to complete this timelapse. During that time would go into the place, sometimes I would get kicked out by the police and sometimes I would hide from them, most of the time the place was all to my self with a random visitor here and there.

This place has become a landmark here in MIami and its visited by dozens of people every day. The Marine continues to amuse anyone that walks in here, from kids to word renowned photographers and artists from around the world.

Press Play and put it on HD.

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Abandoned Marine Stadium 4

Abandoned Marine Stadium 3

Abandoned Marine Stadium 2

Abandoned Marine Stadium 1

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

Upon my arrival I was greeted by security and a massive movie production crew, I paniked and wanted to turn around and find a different way to sneak in, but at that point I was committed. When I got to the gates the security guard looked at me, (it helps to have a pretty lady in the car) I smiled and waived as if we knew each other, at that point she waived me in. As I got to the parking lot, there was a massive tent, lots of movie trailers, and what seemed to be the grounds keeper staff in the North East part of the parking lot. Thats where I went to park. As I graved my gear and got out of the car, this guy approaches me, I thought for sure he would kick us out, instead he says, “make sure you go that way (points) and stay away from the film crew, you should be alright” He knew we didn’t belong there and exactly what we were doing, and was cool enough to let us know what whats going on and point us in the right direction. We ended up spending about 3 to 4 hours there and saw some really cool stuff. Not only an abandoned theme park, but also a massive movie production.

I have been wanting to come to this place since Hurricane Catrina, and I finally made it happen, what an amazing place to be. Six Flags New Orleans. This place is massive and a photographers paradise. Not only did I get tot see this place at its worse, but also at its best with the rest of Hollywood.

At the end of it all we where able to get in the car and drive away like nothing ever happened with a massive smile and cameras loaded with goods… Talk about a great day.

Below are some of the images I was able to capture, most of the park was all ours with the exception of a few spots full of people prepping for the film. Please let me know your thoughts and if anyone from that film ever stumbles upon this post, thank you for letting us walk around in awe of this place.

DSC 2469

DSC 2485

DSC 2511

DSC 2550

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DSC 3093