Luminar Sky Packs discount

Luminar Sky Packs discount. Let’s face it, Skylum Luminar changed photography forever, and for good reason. They have created the best software to do sky replacement in just a few clicks. And that my friends, is awesome.

Even though I am an ambassador for Luminar, that is not the reason I am saying that. I truly love the software and I think most serious photographers also love it.

When Luminar marketplace came around I was thrilled to be part of it, and not only that but also to be able to purchase other sky collections from other amazing photographers. Let’s face it, the more tools we have at our reach, the more creative we can get with our creative vision, and that is a fact.

Luminar Sky Packs discount

When this software first came out, ( and I was one of the first people to use it before it went to market ) I knew it would change the photography game forever. I mean replace the sky with a couple of clicks?? That’s just amazing. I quickly realized I had a massive collection of skies, and I wanted the world to have them. Why not, the more beautiful images out in the world the better. And to know that I am helping your creative juices flow, well that’s just a big bonus.

So I decided to put all my sky collections, in one place and sell them for a great price. Remember that all my skies have been remastered, meaning edited, and made to perfection so you can create stunning images.

My store is called and I have all my sky collections there, and my own brand of clothing called Focus. This was such a hot item last year and the year before that I had to bring it back. Drop-in and check it out. If you like something pick it up for a discounted rate. All my readers get 15% off. Use discount code edin at check out! I promise you are going to love these and come back for more.  These are just some of the epic skies on


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I promise you will absolutely love these sky collections, if not, shoot me a message, and I will give you your money back. You have nothing to lose!

Stay awesome and I can’t wait to see your photos with epic skies all over them.


Skylum Luminar Review From Start To Finish

This is a Skylum Luminar review and it does not disappoint. The price of the software is extremely inexpensive for what it can do.  And guess what? You can try it out for FREE.  You can grave your copy here. If you choose to buy it use code FINEART at check out to get a discount when you follow this link

What is Luminar? Luminar is the new editing software made by Skylum. It is incredibly fast and the possibilities are endless. I have been using it for a while now and it is really good. While trying to find something broken in the software or something missing I keep finding new features. I can not find anything wrong with the software as of this Luminar review.

How does it work?

When you open up the software, right off the bat the first thing you see is a set of presets at the bottom of the screen. This is really good because it gives you a good idea of what the photo can actually look like before you even start doing anything to it.

If you really like what you see, then you can just use that preset and be done with it. I know it is that awesome and super simple to do. 

If you want to adjust that preset, all you have to do is apply it and adjust it to taste. (see the right-hand side) Luminar Tutorial

Slylum Luminar Review

Who is Luminar For? Luminar is for every photographer, from beginners to pros. It works on Mac and PC. That is correct everyone can use this awesome software. 

Can I use it with Lightroom? The answer is yes you can. Luminar can be used inside of Lightroom as a plugin. It is very easy to install and it has so many more adjustments than Lightroom. Skylum Luminar Photo Editor Review

If you find yourself to be overwhelmed with all this filters and masks and adjustments. Do not panic, Luminar has an awesome workspace called quick and awesome. It basically does the work for you.

I know it is crazy to think about software reading your mind, but it really does. When you pick the quick and awesome workspace there is a slider to boost the image as much as you want. Then magic happens.

Luminar Tutorial

These are all the workspace options you have. You can also create your own making your workflow even better. Luminar Review

Are you into drone photography? Skylum Luminar is loaded with Arial photography workspace as well as presets so you do not feel lonely inside the software. It works really good. 

Best Luminar Review

Check out the portrait workspace. It has so many options to beautify your portraits. Once you open this software up, you will be addicted. (just doing this review I have edited 15 photos and I keep forgetting I am doing a review) lol not a bad problem to have. 

Skylum Luminar Software Portrait tutorial


Bottom line is that Luminar is a great piece of software. It is another tool to have in your toolkit. Luminar has many different workspaces form street photography, to landscape photography, to portrait photography and the list goes on. Skylum Luminar truly is designed by photographers for photographers. 

 Try it out for FREE. You can grave your copy here. Use code FINEART at check out to get a discount when you follow this link

Drop me a line below if you have any questions. I love this software, what gets me is the price… 

How to edit a photo in Luminar

In this video, I go over Luminar Nepture and their new DJI inspired update. They added some great presets to get make your photos pop. It is really easy to use and goes hand in hand with Lightroom. With the click of the mouse you see the image transforms right before your eyes. I have been using Luminar for a few now and I really like it. Give it a try and let me know what you think. You can actually do layers inside of it without ever going to photoshop.

You can download Luminar for free to in here.  Don’t forget to check out my Dji Lightroom Presets I tuned them just right.

How to create award winning photos

How to create award-winning photos. In this video, I will walk you through in under 2 minutes how to create award-winning photos.

You know when you have a bland image because the weather did not cooperate? Well, it happens often and it happens to all of us.

Thanks to Luminar Ai it is now possible to swap out skies with just a few clicks and turn your boring photo into an epic one. All this is done so easily it almost seems too good to be true, but its TRUE. You can download my sky collections here.

How to create award winning photos, horse shoe bend with lightning

How to create award-winning photos

Do you use Luminar? What do you think of the new technology changing the photography game? I think it is incredible how we can use technology to create beautiful works of art. I don’t think there is anything wrong with expanding our horizons and putting a twist of awesomeness into our new works of art. Or our old ones for that matter.

Here are some tours I recommend:

Skylum Ambassador Team Welcomes Edin Chavez

One of the great things about photography is teaming up with products and people you believe in. I have been using Skylum products for a while now and they never disappoint, in fact, they keep getting better and better. Being part of this incredible journey has its perks. I get to try out their software before it comes out to the public, and that is a great thing.

Skylum Ambassador Team

Recently they announced Luminar 4 and I finally got to try it out for the first time. The thing I was most excited about was the AI sky replacement. I didn’t really know how it was going to work, but when I received the software it took me seconds to replace the sky in the image below. There really is nothing to it. It is so easy to use that anyone can do it.

This is only one feature of the new software. They also changed the entire look and feel of it making it easy to work with and keeping things more organized. In the video below I show you how easy it is to replace a sky. Now keep in mind that this is the Beta version of this software and the final version might look different.

I am very happy with it so far and happy to be part of such a great team. You can check out this post they did about me on their website, and also check out my profile on their page. If you want to buy Luminar you can get it here. Make sure you use code “edin” at check out to get a juicy discount.

A big thank you to the entire Skylum team for allowing me to be part of the Skylum Ambassador Team. Skylum is doing big things and I can not wait to see what’s next.

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