2012 Best Photos

2012 has been a really awesome year. So many things in my life have fallen into place. Sure there is been some ups and downs but thats just life you know. That being said here is some of my favorite photographs from 2012. This are not only my faves because they are cool photos but also because they mark a milestone in my life, they are very meaningful.

I cant wait to see what 2013 has for me, perhaps finally opening my gallery in Miami, starting my tv show, more travels, friends and photos, who knows, but I know one thing for sure, it will certainly be extremely fun, full of sun and laughter, friends and family and with lots of new lessons to be learned.

Come check out my new Gallery share it, and let me know what you think. Feel free to use any of this photos as a wall paper or on your social networks. Drop me a line peeps…Happy Holidays and always spread the love…

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Burning Man 2012. (you have to be thereto understand)
You found Me

Street Portraits with random strangers with interesting stories.

Blazing Man

Miami Beach After Hurricane Sandy.
Miami Beach After Sandy

First flight 500 feet in the air with new Kite and new set up having full control of the kite and camera alike. (My pops was there to help me bring it down and my mom and dogs where watching the whole thing)
Up High

First Tennis Open. (not the last)

First Outside Lands Music Festival ever attended with amazing friends. (not the last)
20120712-The Kiss

Miami Heat Championship Parade.
Heat XV

Central Park in the Rain. (shot in the cold rain with my feet and clothes drenched for 9+ hrs, this was the last shot of the night)

Some West Coast Ball in Venice Beach. (had an amazing unforgettable day with one of the coolest kids alive ;))
Venice Ball

This Donkey was one of the first photos I ever sold 3 years ago. I had the pleasure of shooting him again this year.
My Bud

I hold LA close to my heart. I lived there as a kid. Spoke no English and was thrown in a 5th grade classroom full of English speaking kids. I was completely petrified. (I lived)
Down Town Los Angeles

Shooting this show made me realize that photographing music will forever be an important part of my life.