15 Reasons why you need to go to Burning Man. You can see more of my Burning Man photos here. I will continue to upload new photos in the weeks to come.

Below are 15 out of many reasons there is for you to get off your ass and get to Burning Man next year. Yes you!!!!DSC_8420_1_2

1. Because its weird, I mean really weird, but a good weird.DJI00060

2. Because its unlike anything else in this planet. Don’t ask !!!DSC_8729

3. Because you will see art very few eyes in this world will ever see, and by the end of the week, it will all burn to ashes.DSC_8319

4. Because it will test your every sense, even the 6th one.DSC_8474

5. Because the most beautiful people hang out there.DSC_9752

6. Because you are Burning Man, you don’t choose to participate you are the event.DSC_8907

7. Because for one week out of the year you and your friends have zero responsibility, zero connection with the outside world and anything goes.DSC_8495

8. Because you will meet people from all over the world and actually keep in touch with them.DSC_9616

9. Because its a reason to party.DSC_9568

10. Because you like to be naked.DSC_9256

11. Because taking a nap in the middle of the desert in 100 degree weather is just fine.DSC_8813

12. Because you want to be weird, express your self without judgment.DSC_8750

13. Because you can talk to God!DSC_9128

14. Because I’ll be there. Come find me at The Champagne Lounge DSC_9180

15. Because its AWESOME!!!


So what do you say? Can I count on you next year? I think she’s going to be there!DSC_8868