Here are 10 quick and easy tips to make you a better photographer:

1. I know this one is very obvious but not a lot of people practice it including some of my very close photographer friends,: Always bring your camera everywhere, you never know when the perfect shot is going to be there, and trust me it took me a long time to learn this.

2. Don’t worry about looking like a tourist or goofy, remember the people around you are the ones that are going to buy your photos. This is your craft and you are the professional.

3. Always look at your horizon in the background and make sure it’s straight (even if you want it to be out of focus). There is nothing worse than taking a great photo with an out of level horizon (unless that’s what your going for).

Take it all in

Take it all in

4. Always carry extra batteries and extra memory cards. (a bottle of water is heavenly as well)

5. Shoot what you want to shoot and what you feel in your heart. There is nothing worse than trying to copy someone else just because everybody likes it. There is room for everything out there, wether you are shooting landscapes, animals, people, junkyards etc. In my opinion, it’s all photography and it’s all beautiful. Be yourself.

6. Experiment, do not be afraid of getting unappealing shots, remember photos can always be erased (its a digital world), don’t be afraid to experiment. This is how in time you will develop your own style.

Ballons in the Mountains

Ballons in the Mountains

7. Hang out with other photographers and learn from them, I’m a full believer in trading knowledge, even from beginners, you never know what you are going to learn. Everyday out there is an experiment. Ask questions, its much easier to ask someone how to do something than to break your head trying to figure it out.

8. Don’t worry about expensive gear and what the other guy has, this has nothing to do with your imagination and creativity. Even if you had a Million Dollar camera, it’s nothing without an imagination. Point and shoot cameras would suffice, cell phones are ok.

9. Believe in yourself and in your work, nobody is going to take you seriously until you take your self seriously. Share your photos with the world. Start here I Heart Photography Group.

10. Have fun, you wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t fun right?

I live by this day in and day out. I hope these tips will help you in your journey towards becoming an amazing photographer. Please feel free to share your tips below in the comments section. Don’t forget to Subscribe by Email. Thank you for dropping by.