Sunset Strip in Downtown Miami - image  on

Sunset Strip in Downtown Miami

Sunset Strip in Downtown Miami - image  on

Sunset Strip in Downtown Miami

I went out last night to shoot this location, I will go back after construction is completed.  New Line Cinema is shooting the film adaptation of a hit Broadway musical called Rock Of Ages entirely in South Florida, and the producers have turned NE 14th Street at North Miami Avenue into a movie set centering around Eve, Bar, and the Vagabond. They built the Roxy Theatre, the Bam and Jazzari, the Sun Bee, a tattoo shop, a gas station, and a couple more locations out of the old warehouses that line the corridor. (Miami Times)



  1. Edin this is fantastic! What are your settings with this?? I have been going night shooting out here in AR and trying different settings but want more clarity. Loving the woman and the gun, <3 !!



  2. Author

    Thank you Jaci, Kill it out there, here is the settings, ISO 200 this is the most important to get a clear shot :) 27mm F25 10 second exposure. I was directly under a street light too :) good luck out there and take lots of pix, can’t wait to see them :)

  3. Your awesome, thank you!!! I’m taking TONS out here, I cant stop ever! Everything is an amazing shot jus waiting to be taken…I cannot wait to print :)

    thanks again c ya soon

  4. I posed for this mural and I love this shot! Seeing the mural at night gives it such a dramatic tone. Would you mind if I use this photo for my modeling portfolio?

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