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Best Place to Photograph the Everglades

The Everglades National Park is an incredible place. It is so vast, flat, and wet it can be often be difficult to photograph. My favorite place to go photograph when I visit the Everglades is Pine Glades Lake. The sunsets there are just spectacular and there are lots of angles to get some great compositions.

The best time to come is off rainy season, the water is low and you can get lots of rocks to compose great interesting shots, but anytime of the year is good. Make sure you walk around the trails because there are lots to see.

What you need to bring:
Make sure you bring a tripod and lots and lots of mosquito repellent, the bugs out here aren’t bugs they are dinosaurs and without repellent they will run you off. Bring an umbrella in case it starts pouring, you never know out there.

The road to get there of the main HWY is a dirt road, it’s not too bad but an SUV or pick up truck is recommended, the puddles can be kind of crazy when its rainy season. That being said any car will make it out there as long as you go slow.

Getting there: (see map below)
Once you enter the park you will go past Royal Palm Anhinga Trail, the lake is exactly 7 miles from here on the left hand side. Its an unmarked road and very easy to miss. Keep your eyes peeled and look for the back of a stop sign on your left hand side.








Zoom out of the map to see exactly how to get there.

Here is a video on how I did one of this photos.

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